Character Creation Guideline

The guideline below will act as a blank blueprint to making your characters info sheet.

Character Bio

- Name: This slot should obviously be filled with your characters name. Please be original in the sense that you have a name you can be proud of.

- Age: If you are a genin please set your age at around 12 - 13 years. Or younger. Remember time withers all bodies of life. A ninety year old man wouldn't be as spry as a twenty year old.

- Clan / Family : Please note which clan or family you belong to.

- Appearance: In a small amount of detail describe your character fully. We do not require a long description as appearances will change over time as certain characters grow.

-Back story: Again nothing long, just a bit of information you can base your actions in the world off. Try and avoid the cliche of murdered families. Bring something fresh and new to the group.

-Jutsu: A small list of what your character knows. If you're a genin leave the list blank aside for a basic clone jutsu and basic chakra control and basic tool usage.

-Kekkei Genkai: Again simple, give the name of the clans kekkei genkai and mark if you have it awakened or not.

-Special tools: here will be a list reserved for your character to hold special tools that only he has. Be it a spool of metal wire etc.

-Wallet: Here you will keep track of your earnings in the world. Save up for that new piece of gear in the general store window. (Characters start with 100 ryo)

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